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Next Sea Traffic Management project approved

A new Sea Traffic Management (STM) project has received EU funding from the Interreg Central Baltic Programme. EfficientFlow covers many aspects of Sea Traffic Management in the ports of Rauma, Finland and Gävle, Sweden, as well as STM-enabled traffic flow management for the many large ferries that sail through the archipelago between Sweden and Finland.

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EU Commission for the digitalization of Transport Sector

The Digitalization of the Transport Sector is one of the key objectives of the European Commission. In order to take the digital agenda in transport further, the European Commission launched on 1st July 2015 the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DLTF).

Decarbonisation: from issues to opportunities | Next call for proposal

As highlighted by Mendez et al. (2013) in late 2012, the European Commission sent a ‘Position Paper’ to each Member State containing the position of the Commission Services on the development the Partnership Agreement (PA) and Operational Programmes (OPs) in each country for the period 2014-2020.

EU Funding

LIFE 2017 Call for proposals: true innovation for environment, social and economic benefits

As highlighted by Tomas Michel, WssTP President “applicants need to think in terms of quantified impacts.We would like to see substantial, ambitious and sustainable impacts in terms of environmental but also social and economic benefits.