EU Funding

LIFE 2017 Call for proposals: true innovation for environment, social and economic benefits

As highlighted by Tomas Michel, WssTP President “applicants need to think in terms of quantified impacts.We would like to see substantial, ambitious and sustainable impacts in terms of environmental but also social and economic benefits.

The Green Politics of European Union related to the Shipping Field

The world of shipping, like other sectors, has the goal of decrease the level of pollution helping the global environment. One of the main solution implemented in the shipping industry is the conversion from the most used fuels  to the environmental friendly LNG and the new MRV (Monitoring Reporting and Verification) system.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change enters into force

“What once seemed unthinkable is now unstoppable. Strong international support for the Paris Agreement entering into force is a testament to the urgency for action, and reflects the consensus of governments that robust global cooperation, grounded in national action, is essential to meet the climate challenge”.

Directives and Regulations

Ambiente o mercato? Tra normativa e misure di compensazione

In relazione ad un incontro di grande importanza, la settantesima sessione del MEPC (Marine Environment Protection Committee –  Londra 24/28 ottobre, presso la sede centrale dell’IMO – il Comitato per la Protezione dell’ambiente marino), molte sono le aspettative e gli spunti di riflessione da analizzare.